A Period Piece

“I heard if you use a tampon you lose your virginity”

Let’s get personal. A Period Piece presents a wacky, honest, and musical unpacking of our relationship with our vaginas and the things that come out of them. 

We talk periods, we talk bodies, we talk stigmas, we talk womanhood. Through sketch comedy, honest and personal stories, and a whole lot of heart, we open the conversation about periods and the stigmas that come with them.  

Full of off-the-wall humour and down to earth truths, A Period Piece is a show that is for everyone.

“An honest and ongoing exploration, the 55-minute performance is a whirlwind of storytelling, song, an interactive game show, a sex ed class and a dance party.”


Support for PeriodPacks613

We had the awesome fortune to partner with Ottawa organization PeriodPacks613 for our premiere run of A Period Piece. During our 6-show run at the Ottawa Fringe, we raised $475 from audience donations alone. These funds will go directly towards providing period products to people in our community who would not otherwise have access. 

Go check out PeriodPacks613, and find out how to get involved!